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2617Giovanni MorassuttiThe Method tends to be linear, almost like a 19th century...+22-Mar-2021
2616Giovanni MorassuttiThe search for truth in artistic expression is the core o...+22-Mar-2021
2613Giovanni MorassuttiFind a good teacher, don't betray yourself to succeed and...+22-Mar-2021
2206Joan BaezYou don't get to choose how you're going to die. Or when....06-Dec-2016
20George Bernard ShawMan can climb to the highest summits, but he cannot dwell...01-Oct-2016
19Brigitte BardotI gave my beauty and my youth to men. I am going to give ...29-Sep-2016
5705Cyril Northcote ParkinsonWork expands (so as) to fill the time available for its c...27-Sep-2016
5671Clint EastwoodIn recent times it just seems that women have been relega...21-Oct-2015
5670David ThomsonHas there ever been [##] so unneurotic, so steadfast, and...21-Oct-2015
5668Martin ScorseseIt looks effortless, but it's very complicated to be simp...20-Oct-2015
5666Eli WallachIt seems odd, doesn't it, that this Western guy [##] is i...20-Oct-2015
5663Richard BurtonActors like [##] have a kind of dynamic lethargy: they ap...14-Oct-2015
5661Clint EastwoodSociety has made us believe you should look like an 18-ye...14-Oct-2015
5659Clint EastwoodIt's not the kind of movie [True Crime,1999] they're doin...14-Oct-2015
5657Clint EastwoodThe story drives everything. If you don't have the materi...14-Oct-2015
5655Clint EastwoodI'm not doing penance for all the characters in action fi...13-Oct-2015
5653Clint EastwoodI've always felt that there are really only two American ...13-Oct-2015
5651Clint EastwoodEvery picture takes on its own style. I get into the film...13-Oct-2015
5649Clint EastwoodSomeone asked why I like shooting on location as opposed ...13-Oct-2015
5647Clint EastwoodI do the kinds of roles I'd like to see if I were still d...13-Oct-2015
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