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People were telling me I behaved like Brando even before I knew who Brando was. I'm not disturbed by the comparison - nor am I flattered.

James Dean       
Don't act. If you're smoking a cigarette, smoke it. Don't act like you're smoking it.

James Dean       
What the hell are you doing? Can't you see I'm having a real moment? Don't you ever cut a scene when I'm having a real moment.

James Dean       
When he [James Dean] walked into the office, I knew he was right for the role. He was guarded, sullen, suspicious, and he seemed to me to have a great deal of concealed emotion. He looked and spoke like the character in "East of Eden".

Elia Kazan       
I have never seen an actor [James Dean] as dedicated, with the extreme concentration and exceptional imagination, as James Dean.

Dennis Hopper