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Yeah, cause when I think of a woman, the first thing I think of is reason. pfft.
~ yaboyblue

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i love this quote
~ nikku

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Perhaps these thaughts are rather pesimistic or-at least- a result of sorrow or depression..I do...
~ SophiaC

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Words to live by.
~ Jules

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I really needed this today and I'm using it to help over come my fear of making mistakes
~ sarah

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No animal treats us as equals...
~ Shadow
Pigs look up to us as well.
~ Sara

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This is extremely true I find. I can submerge myself in certain activities for longer periods of...
~ Coffeeeee
You're really mean
~ Trevor
I agree. Time is but a mere illusion

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Nice, but would be better to quote the original Einstein quote than to plagiarize his in an attem...
~ Hannes
~ kalanchvi

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religion is the platform, for different walks of life, to degrade faith in such scandallous and ...
~ cairnsy
religion is what keeps the rich think of themselves as deserving

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If possible, I do not want to see anymore quotes from Bill Cosby
~ Juan

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Well put. Einstein has a lot of very great quotes.
~ Trevor

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Well said.
~ Trevor

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Exellent Quote
~ Bjarni

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Stories are meant to last forever.

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~ mad sad

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soo true
~ topedo

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~ Dave

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only if you're british

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a realistic person is one who is thought of as a pessimist. the difference being that a realist ...

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or on the internet. we've evolved quite rapidly

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of all the animals, the death of a man is not a death i would mourn or shed a tear for. especiall...

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the world cannot govern our imaginations

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in age we follow the principles we learned and understood at the time of our youth.

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to acknowledge fear is to accept your weakness. and to do that you must be very brave. but your c...

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you will make an indefinite amount of choices in life. most of which will be mistakes. It would b...

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the author of this comment is either a girl named KABY or the initials of the girls name put toge...

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Trust a fat chef even less. the food you dislike is what keeps him happy. ruin that and he'll rui...

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